Superseded Equipment

CFR engines have been used since 1929 and many of those original units are still in service today, which is credit to the design and robustness of the apparatus.

Over the years through progressive development certain elements of the unit have been superseded and are no longer available to replace.

In these instances careful consideration should be made as to when and how to upgrade the engine.

Upgrades should be planned well in advance to ensure continuity of service and allow for procurement of all necessary parts.

ADL can help you plan and undertake an upgrade and decide upon the best course of action for your engine.


48 Crankcase 

48 Crankcase 

Electronic Ignition

501C Detonation Meter

Dual Digital Meter

J Tube (Vertical Pipe)

Temperature Controller (SS)


High Speed Crankcase

Low Speed Crankcase

Contact Breakers

501T Detonation Meter

Analogue Meter (Cetane)

Straight (Vertical Pipe)

Temperature Controller (Valve)

Electrical Safety

Another reason to upgrade is the inevitable degradation of the electrical elements including electrical wiring, switchgear and electrical protection systems.

It is becoming more apparent during routine maintenance that some of the older units are becoming dangerous from a Health & Safety perspective; potentially endangering the operator and creating a fire hazard.

This may be because of the use of non-standard equipment, incorrect wiring terminations, non-conformance to the manufacturers wiring diagrams or just the general deterioration of organic electrical insulation which loses it insulation properties over time.

We would in these circumstances offer your engine immediate attention to update and complete the correct and safe wiring of your console to eradicate any risk of danger.