Experience You Can Depend On

ADL undertakes a wide range of CFR consultancy all over the world. Due to our extensive experience within the industry we are able to fulfil highly specific requests for work or information regarding the legal and quality assurance sides of the business.

We have worked as independent experts in legal cases both within a court environment or as a test witness in a laboratory environment.

Our unrivalled knowledge of industry standards enables us to ensure that your business is adhering to all current legislation and test method requirements and that both your operators and equipment are therefore achieving the correct output.

This gives you a strong competitive edge and safeguards your business from any future legal wrangling.

We can offer our customers comprehensive advice on all Quality Assurance issues from standard operating procedures to industry templates for documenting & recording data; daily maintenance logs; training records including competency and proficiency records.

Witness Analysis

ADL will send an experienced CFR Specialist to independently witness specific CFR activities as necessary.  A comprehensive report is generated detailing all events and whether necessary compliance was met during the analysis. 

Legal Expert Witness

We are able to supply a CFR Specialist to act as an expert witness for any CFR related legal proceedings. 


ADL can carry out comprehensive assessment for all CFR activities.

Assessments are non-subjective and assess whether industry standards are being met, in terms of methods, equipment, calibration and reporting.

Quality Assurance

Test Method Compliance

Operating & Written Procedure

Equipment Calibration  


Operator Proficiency & Training

Health & Safety 

​Risk Assessments

Laboratory Practices

Method Statements 

Laboratory & Equipment

Evacuation Procedures


ADL Carry out comprehensive evaluations on behalf of its clients.

Stock Inventory

Complete stock inventories documenting part numbers, descriptions, condition and values for audit or sale purposes.

Future Acquisition

We write independent assessments for engines or parts for sale and can offer strategic advice on the long term prognosis for specific engines or locations.

Current Assets

We can carry out independent audits for engines and parts for pre-sale or insurance purposes.