​Over the years we have provided many customers a range of refurbishments; from a crankcase to a complete CFR unit. Having extensive experience and a wide range of resources ADL has a track record of delivering on time and on budget. 

​The process starts by us carrying out a full assessment of the equipment to be refurbished, generating a full report and quotation detailing the work involved, parts requiring replacement and schedule of works. 

​We can either directly extract or deliver the apparatus to our workshop or the customer can ship the parts or engine to us themselves.  


Refurbishments are an economical way of providing an existing or previously redundant piece of apparatus with prolonged life and value. 

Gives increased reliability reducing the risk of breakdown or component failure.  

​Updating the equipment’s mechanical components and assemblies to preferred equipment means the engine operates in compliance with test methods.  

​Electrical updates give standard configuration, the latest electrical protection and upgraded switchgear, cable and connections. 

All these advantages ensure your engines are test method compliant and produce good and meaningful test data. 

Time Period

​The length of time for any refurbishment will vary depending on the location and refurbishment required.

​We strive to provide the best solution for our customer and will make sure that any existing CFR operation is not compromised by work undertaken by either adapting an existing piece of apparatus temporarily, or providing another short term analysis solution. 

Before the start of the project we will provide a full schedule of the works programme detailing; start, completion dates and key stages of the refurbishment.

This will be complemented at the end of the project with full documentation of all work undertaken, parts fitted and final engine operational checks and settings.