We offer our services on an hourly rate or a full range of maintenance packages for all types of CFR equipment : 

Annual Health Check

Crankcase Basic Service 

Crankcase Full Service 

Cetane Handwheel Assembly Service 


Our engineers are apprenticeship trained and have been working within the industry for most of their career.

They are able to carry out CFR maintenance to the highest standard and ensure that the customer gets the most cost effective result by always inspecting and measuring components rather than replacing them regardless of tolerance.

Our field engineers and workshops are supplied with the latest calibrated equipment and mechanical measuring apparatus.  


All work carried out is backed by a technical service report. This supporting documentation will validate any Quality Assurance system and means that clients are fully informed as to the status of their CFR engine.  

Our reports are broken down into 4 sections;

  • Technical Script
  • Mechanical Measurements   
  • Compliance Certification  
  • Parts

The technical report also creates an audit trail of data enabling us to evaluate premature or future wear patterns of the engine

Service Management System

We offer our customers tailor made service maintenance packages, offering our unrivalled fully automated CFR Service Management System, which encompasses all the processes necessary to ensure a comprehensive on-going maintenance programme for an unlimited number of globally based CFR engines.

It allows our clients the ability to focus on other key business strategies in the knowledge that their CFR engines are continuously working at their optimum efficiency and are fully compliant with all industry standards. 

Our SMS will make sure that customers get value for money as we will only carry out servicing based on certain conditions eg.; 

  • Test method mandatory requirements  
  • Current and historical TSF Performance  
  • Duration of unit running hours  
  • Historical service requirements  
  • Customers Quality Assurance 


Maintenance is a mandatory part of any CFR Operation and essential in ensuring reliable equipment and ASTM conformance