Our engineers design and install CFR Laboratories all over the world. We have gained immeasurable experience in all types of installation and are therefore able to deliver detailed plans with fully comprehensive technical directives, works programmes, risk assessments and associated matrix for simple or highly complex scenarios.

This might be a new build project, refurbishment and modification of existing premises. On receipt of just basic floor dimensions and in parallel with your appointed architect, we can design a new facility; detailing all utility requirements from power supply demands to drainage requirements.

We provide details of materials needed, expected timescales and appropriate costs.

Our comprehensive service and unrivalled experience ensures that any project undertaken is delivered on time, within budget and complying with all stated legislation and standards.

The requirements for CFR Facilities are very specific and must be adhered to ensure a safe and appropriate environment for the correct use of the test Engines.

Our aim is always to provide the most appropriate and cost effective solution to all our customer requirements.


ADL will safely extract CFR equipment and ensure that is appropriately packaged for local or global shipment. Often CFR engines have been in situe for years if not decades, and need a surprisingly delicate operation to dismantle and ultimately extract from a site.

CFR Engines can be temperamental and are very susceptible to their surroundings – extreme care needs to be taken when packaging items for shipment to ensure a safe and smooth transit.

A professional extraction will ultimately result in a successful installation later on. 

We can provide all the necessary equipment for extraction including lifting and hoist gear, final shipment crates and of course the appropriate documentation required for export and audit purposes.


The installation of CFR equipment requires meticulous planning and our job specific method statements, risk assessments and lifting plans means that everybody involved in the procedure fully understands, stage by stage, how the job will be undertaken and what the end result will be. 

In accordance with the facility design, the CFR equipment will be carefully positioned onto new concrete plinths. This is done in 4 structured phases allowing for complete control of the proceedings.  

Once the engine has been physically installed, it will be run to ensure test method compliance in all parameters. Upon successful compliance data, a comprehensive technical handover will be given to the customer with all the necessary documentation detailing the procedure and engine compliance data. 

ADL understand the implications of engine down time and our installation experience and comprehensive procedures mean that your new or upgraded CFR Laboratory will be up and running in the shortest time possible.