Laboratory & Equipment

The purpose built CFR laboratory has 3 modern CFR units boasting the latest equipment.

The engine units are supported with high quality instrumentation, glassware and thermometers, which conform to UKAS requirements.

We have comprehensive Quality Assurance procedures and policies in place to ensure the consistency, accuracy and validity of result data. This is complimented by our participation in various round robin correlation schemes.

Test Methods

Below are the test methods that we follow;

Research Octane Number (RON)

     Test Method – ASTM D2699 / IP 237

Motor Octane Number (MON)

   Test Method – ASTM D2700 / IP 236

Lean Mixture Rating ASTM D2700 

Test Method – ASTM D2700 / IP 236

Cetane Number Determination

 Test Method – ASTM D613/01

Key Features


ADL operate standard Waukesha CFR equipment conforming to UKAS accreditation, calibrated, serviced and maintained by our highly experienced ADL Engineers.


Every test is issued with an Analysis Certificate on the same day of the analysis, conforming to ASTM and supported by our independent Quality Assurance Procedures.


We can offer same day turnaround, although 3 working days is normal. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Cost £

Due to a large through-put of samples analysed, we are able to batch samples within specific ranges, eliminating repetitive engine set up, calibration and usage of expensive reference fuels. This time and associated cost saving is passed on to our customers and reflected in our charges.

Products Tested


ADL test the full spectrum of gasoline products and associated components. In addition we test racing fuels, additive packages, bio fuels and research samples from the range of 40 -120 Octane Number.  

Over 100 Octane

ADL is one of a hand full of laboratories to be able to test within test method requirements for samples exceeding100 Octane eg.; racing fuels, aviation gasoline and components like reformate.

Diesel /Gas Oil

We can test the full spectrum of diesel fuels and associated components. In addition we test, additive packages, bio fuels and research samples from 19 – 75 Cetane number.

Bio Fuels

We actively run different Bio Fuels with varying compositions and volumes of Bio matter. We are seeing an increasing number of this type sample due to new fuel regulations.