Initial Phase

Stage 1

The Equipment Application Registration can be completed using the download form ADL-CER-2017-06 complete and return for input into the ADL CFR MIS.

This data is analysed to establish the expected first service requirement.(This will be able to be completed online very soon)

Stage 2

The ADL Process Manager liaises with the customer to arrange a convenient time to carry out the first onsite visit to undertake the initial evaluation and predetermined service.

Stage 3

A booking request is sent by the ADL Process Manager to the Nominated Co-ordinator requesting the booking of all travel arrangements including: flights, accommodation, document requirements (visa/invitation to work) and information on vaccination requirements.

Once arrangements are completed the booking form is returned by customer to the ADL Process Manager.

Stage 4

Service Engineers travel to the nominated site to make the initial Laboratory evaluation and carry out the first service. The data from the equipment and laboratory is entered onto the ADL CFR MIS.

A compliance certificate and all the appropriate service reports are sent to the customer giving comprehensive details of the work undertaken.

The Contract

Annual Cycle Phase

Stage 1

6 weeks prior to the anniversary of the last annual service a Service Reminder Letter and Engine Data Request Form will be sent by automated email to the customer. This is completed and returned to

Stage 2

Once the salient data on the Engine Data Request form is received and input into the ADL CFR MIS it is analysed to allow ADL to establish trends and wear characteristics of the engine.

​ADL advises the customer of the expected service requirements including: service type, time required to complete and any parts outside normal serviceable expectation.

Stage 3

The Process Manager sends the Service Confirmation Letter  to the customer detailing the expected service requirements for the engine with the soonest available dates of the ADL engineers.

​A mutually convenient time will be agreed for the service that will not compromise the commercial requirements of the customer’s business.

Failure from the custodian to either communicate or reject scheduled service will result in Service Rejection Letter being sent to the Nominated Co-ordinator.

Stage 4

Once the service requirement and dates have been agreed a Booking Request Form is sent to the customers Nominated Coordinator for completion.

Stage 5

The agreed service takes place and all salient data is extracted from the engine and inputted onto the ADL CFR MIS for analysis.

A Compliance Certificate and all the appropriate Service Reports are sent to the customer giving comprehensive details of the work undertaken.

Stage 6

The data held in the CFR MIS is reviewed to establish the expected future wear and state of all the components and tolerances within the engine.

This data allows ADL to make recommendations to the customer in regards to the expected servicing/ parts /repair requirements for the next 12 months to assist with budgeting purposes. Note that these are only estimates based on the established trended data.